Male Before And After Weight Loss: Alex Sheds 157 Pounds With Weight Watchers

Former weight: 350 pounds

Current weight: 193 pounds

Pounds lost: 157 pounds

Height: 6-foot-5

Age: 22

How long he’s kept it off: Three months. He started Weight Watchers in February at 333 pounds and reached his goal of 211 pounds on Sept. 9. “Weight Watchers recommends a 2-pound-per-week weight loss, but I worked out extensively and had a personal trainer. I lost 18 pounds the very first week … and averaged a 5-pound weight loss per week thereafter,” says Summers.

Personal life: I work at the Villa Rica Wal-Mart. I live at home with my parents, Wally and Teresa Summers.

Turning point: I led a very sedentary life prior to Weight Watchers — no exercise whatsoever and was guilty of binge-eating. I could eat three triple Whoppers with extra cheese and mayo, three large orders of fries, three 10-piece chicken nuggets at one sitting and still want more. I would eat a half-gallon of ice cream at a time — this is something I am not proud of.

Diet plan: I learned about portion control and that this isn’t a diet — it’s a way of life. [His day begins with an egg and bagel thin with cream cheese. Lunch is a sandwich or frozen meal. Dinner is lean protein with vegetables. He also snacks throughout the day on fruit, yogurt and popcorn.]

Exercise routine: Three times per week I work out at Gold’s Gym and work with a personal trainer twice a month.

Biggest challenge: The hardest part for me in this journey was picturing myself as a thin person. I have been overweight since the third grade and felt I would always be a big person.

How life has changed: “I’m not on a diet, I changed the way I was eating. I’ve been told my self-esteem has changed dramatically. At Thanksgiving, at my grandmother’s house, my 4-year-old cousin had not seen me for a year and didn’t know who I was. Now that I’ve made it through this journey, I believe that it’s time that I start helping others with their weight-loss issues.”

Source: AJC

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