Male Weight Loss Success Story: Chris Drops 130 Pounds And Gets Healthy

Name: Chris McKenzie

Age: 45

Location: Atlanta, GA

Before: 323 lbs.

After: 193 lbs.

What was the “turning point” that prompted you to lose weight? 
My turning point came when I got laid off from my job in October 2008 and I was at my peak weight of 323 pounds. “I went to the doctor for a physical and he stated I needed to lose some weight or the next step would be diabetes. I already had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When he told me that, I knew I needed to change my life because I had seen my uncles and aunts pass away at an early age because of complications with weight.”

When did you start trying to lose weight?  I began January 2009 and met my goal September 2009.

How did you get started?  I learned to use an online journal. I went from eating 6,500 calories a day to 1,400 or 1,500 calories per day.

What was your biggest challenge?  The biggest challenge during my weight loss was not focusing so much on the scale number but realizing how much better I feel each day.

 Were there any times when you wanted to quit or give up? How did you stay motivated?  When I wanted to give up or it became difficult I focused on being healthy for my family and being able to fit in an airplane seat and be comfortable.

If you reached a weight loss plateau, how did you break out of the rut?  I increased my intensity of workouts and went back to tracking what I ate each day.

What’s your current exercise routine?  I run on the treadmill and do a various exercise DVDS such as P90x and Jillian Michaels DVDs. I also became a personal trainer on this journey.

What’s your daily diet look like?  Breakfast is coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Lunch is a turkey or ham wrap. And dinner is lean protein with vegetables and a low-calorie ice cream bar for dessert.

What’s your favorite healthy snack/meal?  A banana with peanut butter.

Do you have specific suggestions for avoiding temptations?  I chew gum such as the flavored Extra Gums to fight the cravings and temptations.

What’s your life like after weight loss?  My life has changed dramatically I spend more time doing healthy things with my friends and family. I have also realized that if I can lose 130 pounds on my own, I can do anything I put my mind to. The health effects were dramatic: I got the clean bill of health from my doctor and I no longer have to take any medication. My insurance company decreased my rates based on my A plus health rating. My motto is I would rather visit the produce section of the grocery store than the pharmacy section.

If you have any suggestions to others what would they be?  Start slow and pace yourself you will see the results but be patient. Learn to cook healthy and read labels. You must learn how to be healthy and to take care of yourself.

Source: Everyday Health

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