Before And After: I Lost 120 Pounds And Learned To Love Myself

Along my weightloss journey I have learn the importance of loving myself and encouraging myself. I had to figure out why I gained the weight and how I was going to lose the weight. Why I was over weight was simple, I LOVE FOOD!! I just love to eat; when I’m happy, sad, excited, tired,etc and being southern doesn’t help.

Growing up in the south (Mississippi) eating large portions at every meal was a must. Breakfast included bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, and biscuits. Lunch was some sort of fast food and dinner included a 3 course meal of fritters for appetizers, fried chicken, collard greens, Mac & cheese, and corn bread for dinner and creamy banana pudding or homemade apple pie for dessert. There isn’t enough hours in the day to burn off all those heart stopping calories. Having some rendition of that menu everyday for the past 30 years explains why I was overweight.

My weightloss wake-up call occurred after my 30th birthday (September 1, 2012). I took 2 weeks off and went to Las Vegas for a few days, LA, and then San Diego. It was so hot in Vegas and I so overweight that I went through an entire bottle of Gold Bond ponder because I was chafing so bad. I was MISERABLE the entire trip. When I returned from my trip I had taken at least 100 photos and I hated the way I looked in them all. I was determined to not only enjoy my 31st birthday but to enjoy my 30s.

So, when I returned home I got online and found a Couch-to-5/k program and I set a goal to run a 5/k without stopping and lose 30-40lbs. When I started the program I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds, now I’m running two or three 5k’s a week. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with running.

I have slowly taking back my life. I not only run but I have also started doing crossfit 2-3 times a week. I wake-up at 330am, at the gym by 4am, I do an hour of cardio, and 30-45 minutes of weight training. On Tuesday & Thursday nights I run with my C25k group and on M.W.F nights I take a crossfit class; which I’m in love with. Trying to stick to this routine has taught me the importance of encouraging myself because I didn’t have a support system in the beginning. “I” wanted to lose weight. “I” wanted a healthier life. “I” had to put in the work.

Everyday is a struggle and I’m human so I have my good day’s and bad days. But if God is willing to allow me to wake up and see another day,than the least I can do is strive to be better than I was yesterday.

Now my goal is to encourage others to GET MOVING!! Diet & exercise is truly 80% MENTAL. You are your biggest obstacle. Doing something active everyday encourages you to do something more adventurous everyday or to run faster or further.

Height: 5’4, Before Weight: 248 lbs, Current Weight: 128 lbs, Time frame: 1 yr 7 months

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I have slowly taking back my life. I not only run but I have also started doing crossfit 2-3 times a week. She's an inspirational weight loss success story for all black women and African-American females losing weight seeking before and after pictures, programs and healthy meal plans.

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